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08/24/2011 18:23

My experience of Atomy BB cream has been extremely wonderful. I can skip the application of other make-ups since BB cream has coverage, SPF, and moisturizing all together in one. I save tremendous time and effort in the morning by using only this bb cream product. It looks so natural compare to foundation. I'd continue using this product for it certainly has given me so many benefits!

08/26/2011 07:28

I'd really love to try this product. I heard many good things from my friends around me who have used BB cream. Heard that it is so natural so ppl barely notice that you put on makeup. great stuff. will order soon..

Sunjoong Chang
05/10/2014 00:46

There are a lots of fake out there.
I've been used morning 6 for an year and I am a member.
Now, I have to be honest, it's result is bit slow since it is natural basses, but it sure works! Now the BB cream is one of my favorite along with cleansers, sun cream, and I can just go on name the products. My point is it is not fake and works without any allergic reactions (even my mother uses it.) If you like to be a member please email me. I am a member and I can refer you. :)


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