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I am back with Exciting Atomy Evening 4 Review which includes Deep Cleansing, Foam Cleansing, Peeling Gel, and Peel Off Pack.

The case looks almost identical to the Atomy Morning 6 except it is a little bit smaller and of course lighter.
All four cleansers are tube shaped that you squeeze out the substance like a toothpaste.

Atomy Foam Cleansing and Deep Cleansing are 150ml each, and Peeling Gel and Peel Off Pack are 120ml each.

The price for buying separately (wholesale $9~$16 each) and buying in a set (wholesale $36~$64 each) is a same price except you get it in a box and catalog if you buy a set.
First, I decided use deep cleansing which was easiest to test since i used it on my arm.
Deep cleansing is used for removing make-ups such as eye liner, BB cream, powders and etc.

I first wrote SuperAtomy on my arm using my mother's eye liner.
I applied good amount of deep cleansing and started rubbing.

The substance was really light and soft but didn't slide down like liquid.
It has very light smell of flower which I really liked.

After rubbing for 10 seconds, the eye liner just magically melted.
After gently wiping it off with tissue I couldn't find any sign of eye liner, so deep cleansing works awesome.

You can use water to wash it off, but it can leave small film of oil behind, which has to be washed off with Foam Cleansing.

You do not need to use Deep Cleansing if you do no or very light make-up.
Next I decided to try foam cleansing.
Foam Cleansing is used for anti-bacterial and oil remover (Good for Acne).

I use foam cleansing everyday in morning and night and I like it very much.Here are some steps of how to use foam cleansing that works best for me.

1. wash your hands with hand soap (Atomy has their own hand soap).
2. soak your hand and face with water.
3. apply tiny bit of foam cleansing on hand ( Atomy foam cleansing had all of its bubbles taken out and is about 5 times more concentrated compared to regular foam cleanser)
4. rub hands for few seconds until lots of bubbles appear. (if there is no bubble then put more water on your hand)
5. massage your face thoroughly for 1 minute in order to get maximum effect.
6. wash your face with warm water.

The best part I like about this foam cleansing is that it moisturizes my skin so that it feels very soft and I don't feel any skin tightening afterward.
Also, the bubbles are rich and tiny so it feels really soft while rubbing onto face.

Note - Atomy Foam Cleansing does not clean horny substances.
I use Peeling Gel 3~4 times a week after using foam cleansing.
Peeling Gel is used for removing horny substances.

Here are some steps of how to use Peeling Gel that works best for me.
1. Dry your face well with towel.
2. Apply good amount of Peeling Gel on face avoiding eyes and mouth.
3. Wait about 1~2 minutes and start rubbing your face.
    You should be able to see horny substances come off of your skin.
4. If your face is too dry, apply very small amount of Peeling Gel and rub.
5. Wash your face with warm water.

I really love Peeling Gel because it leaves my skin super smooth and soft.
This peeling gel works amazingly good for sensitive skins as it just melts the horny substances without having to rub it off with small balls.
I use Peel off Pack 2 times a week after other cleansers.
It is a thick and white substance that you put on your face then it dries off so you can take it off like a mask.

Here are some steps of how to use Peel Off Pack that works best for me.
1. Apply a good amount of Pack on your face.
2. Wait until Pack completely dries up (approx 15 minutes)
3. Start to Peel off your Pack from bottom to up.
4. Wash gently with cold water to close up the pores.
If your pack is too thin to peel off just wash it off with water.

I really like peel off pack because it leaves my skin super smooth.

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