Here it is what everyone has been waiting for! Atomy Sun Cream Review.

The size was about the average Sunscreen for facial use.
(60ml)Atomy Sunscreen costs 9~16 dollar each.
Atomy Sunscreen is SPF50 with PA+++ (better than + or ++).

Atomy Sunscreen uses Titanium dioxide(TiO2) as its main ingredient rather than aluminum in normal sun block. TiO2 reflects UV rays using thin white oxygen layer.

Aluminum absorbs oxygen that skin needs and forms aluminum oxide, making skin feel tight from lack of oxygen. Aluminum Oxide is black substance, therefore your skin will become darker when exposed to the air for long period of time.
This becomes obvious when you scrape sunblock, that you wore for few hours, off of your face with fingernail and look at it).
On the other hand, Titanium dioxide will remain white for its entire duration.

I always thought that high SPF sunscreen is thick and hard to rub in so I always used SPF 35 or 30 sunscreens. However, Atomy sunscreen completely changed that.
The shape of the sunscreen was almost identical to Atomy cleansing except the size was about half.
After removing the aluminum cover, I applied a little gulp of sun cream on top of my hand.

The Sun Cream was truly amazing. It was not thick at all, it actually felt like a cream. It didn't slide down like a liquid like some cheap sunblocks I purchased before. I gently rubbed in for like 1 second and took the picture again.
After rubbing it in for few more seconds, there was absolutely nothing on top of my hand. Sun Cream was not sticky at all and it was really soft and light that I did not feel anything or see anything.

There are 2 types of color for Atomy Sunscreen, white and beige depending on your skin tone and preferences.

The smell of the Sun Cream was not strong and it smelled really nice like flowers. My father, who is super sensitive on smell, likes this product's smell so no more words needed.

This sun cream is such a great product for daily facial use especially on sunny days in the summer.

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