Hello everyone this time I want to do a review on Atomy Toothpaste.

This toothpaste is also known as propolis toothpaste because it contains propolis.
Propolis is a substance that can be found at the entrance of honey bee house.
Propolis has properties of antibiotic, anti fungal, treating skin burns, immunomodulatory, oral diseases, and anti microbial.
Propolis is the main reason how honey bees can keep their house bacteria and insects free.

This Toothpaste costs $5 (more cheaper when purchased with excellent dealership) so compared to other propolis toothpastes (searched on amazon.com), this toothpaste is incredibly cheap and has a lot of amount (200g).
When I looked at the ingredients, not only propolis but also green tea extract was included which was very appealing to me. The lid opened the same way as other Atomy products (sun cream and cleansing), and for people who likes to use twisting types they can use as shown above. 

Since I am not an expert on toothpaste, I had to do a little research on which toothpaste is good.
Then I found out that toothpaste that contains big and sharp "abrasives can sometimes strip away tooth enamel, making teeth sensitive to heat, cold, and sweets." (http://www.saveyoursmile.com/toothpaste/toothpaste-e.html)

I know that most whitening toothpastes do have big particles that you can feel when you close the lid or chew on it.
I tried chewing onto this Atomy toothpaste but did not feel anything so I was half convinced that this toothpaste has high quality abrasives.

I also saw someone doing an experiment to see if the toothpaste has bad or good quality abrasives on aluminum foil. So I decided to do the same XD. Their argument was that when you rub toothpaste onto alumnium foil, toothpaste that contains sharp abrasives will turn into silver color because the aluminum particles comes off by the sharp abrasives.
At this point, I was not sure if the change in color of the toothpaste was due to the aluminum foil or just bubbles so I kept on rubbing.
After rubbing hard for about a minute, the color remained same white, so I was convinced that the change in color was due to bubble not from aluminum particles. I decided to do one more test on my bathroom mirror. When I rubbed hard on my mirror, the color turned same white so finally I was 100% convinced that Atomy toothpaste has high quality abrasives that does not damage my tooth enamel.

I used Atomy toothpaste for about 3 weeks, and I absolutely love it. The best part about this toothpaste is that there is no taste of toothpaste remaining in my mouth after rinsing my mouth.

The smell is very mild mint and the taste was same mild mint taste with little bits of other taste so I thought this toothpaste could be used by anyone from babies to seniors.

I have weak gums so when I eat toasted food(like toasted bagels and pizza), roof of my mouth gets worn out really easily, but ever since I used Atomy toothpaste, roof of my mouth was healing much much faster.

When I ate Costco pizza yesterday, roof of my mouth got worn out again, (Cmon I was hungry XD), but it is already healed.

Lastly, I felt that my mouth smelled significantly less when I woke up in the morning.

I am assuming that propolis has helped my mouth clean from bacteria just like bee house.

It seems like I will be using this toothpaste for a very long time and will have hard time without it.

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That's it for Atomy Toothpaste review.
Thank you and please leave a comment below.
8/21/2011 01:24:30 am

.wow. your experiment as well as the result is quite impressive.

8/24/2011 04:58:03 am

I began using it a couple months ago..The toothpaste has pretty mild taste and even my five year old daughter likes it. I love this and I tell you I won't be using any other brand. I also give five stars to this one!!

8/25/2011 02:13:53 am

My experience of Atomy toothpaste and morning 6 skin care products are very positive. love this... :)

8/26/2011 03:25:07 pm

I started using this last mth. I love it because it feels like it doesn't leave any debris on my teeth afterwards. Also, it's not too strong but at the same time, very refreshing. Highly recommend it.

2/9/2014 02:14:07 am

I have sensitive teeth so whenever i go to my dentist it hurts when i do a cleanup but after using this for 3 weeks, the last visit i had with the dentist after I used this it was not sensitive! It has better results than sensodyne

8/6/2015 05:15:29 pm

I could not wait to call my dentist for an appointment on Monday. Each time I would eat or drink anything hot or cold, my mouth ached so much I wanted to take a pain pill!

I went to the beauty supply store after having coffee and with a frown on my face from the aching sensation and was offered the toothpaste. I couldn't read not one word, but the cashier stated its purposeful uses, one of which I was having at the moment. I purchased the toothpaste which came in a nice case, soft brush and floss for only $5.

This toothpaste works like a charm. After a couple of uses, I have no painful sensations. The taste is and smell is good and I keep it in my purse at all times. My co-worker has asked me to get her some.

11/22/2016 10:58:19 am

I have just started using this toothpaste and I am absolutely convinced that it is better that any of the commercially and chemically produced toothpastes available in the market!

2/2/2017 02:42:04 pm

Does it contain Fluoride?


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