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I will start my review on HemoHIM+ as many of you eagerly wanted. Sorry for making you wait.

HemoHIM is a food supplement very good for boosting immune system.

HemoHIM+ is named after Hemoglobin in our blood cells and HIM is an abbreviation for hematopoiesis (production of blood cells), immune, and modulation.

The reason why I purchased HemoHIM+ is because I saw on chart that HemoHIM+ is 17 times more effective on immune capacity than the famous  "Ginseng steamed Red", also known as Hong-Sam in Korea. Considering the fact that "Ginseng steamed Red" takes up 51% of the health product sold in Korea, 17times of that is incredible.

One box of HemoHIM+ contains 54 small pouches(20ml)  which is supposed to last about 1 month.
When I first held onto the box, the size is exactly same as the Atomy morning 6 but heavier. The back of the box showed ingredients and instructions in Korean, but that's because I got this product from Korea.

I found out that not only "Angelica Radix", "Cnidium Officinale Makino", and "Paeonia Japonica Miyabe" but also many other ingredients such as honey, seaweed calcium, and vitamins were part of the ingredients, which was very appealing to me. Also, it was only 20 Calories so I thought that it would be a great product for people who are on diet.
When I opened the box, there was a catalog that explained about HemoHIM+ and the company in more details.
Catalogs can be found in the menu Product->Product List-> HemoHIM+

In the box, there were 9 small boxes and each box contained 6 pouches (total of 54 pouches). Opening the pouch was very straight forward. All I had to do was hold firmly with one hand and pull the top notch all the way until it comes off, no scissors required.

The size of these pouches were pretty small (20ml) but substance is pretty thick like a thick soup. The color was brown and it had a smell of chinese traditional medicine. The taste was like chinese traditional medicine but this one had little bit of sweetness maybe because of the honey. I am not a big fan of chinese traditional medicine so I did not like the taste at first, but since this is very good for my health, and as I got used to the taste, it actually tastes good now XD.

It has been only few days since me and my mom started taking this product (2 times a day), but I can already feel the difference. Me and my mom feel much less fatigue and stress and the cold I had is now gone.

I strongly recommend this product for:
  • Cancer patients
  • Seniors needing more stamina
  • People who feel fatigue often
  • Exhausted athletes
  • Salary men who are always tired from frequent dinner meetings and working overtime.
  • Students preparing for tests requiring physical strength improvement
  • Housewife easily tired from stress and overwork
 * People with organ transplant should take extra caution with this product since boost in immune system can have negative effect to the organ. Otherwise, it is very safe since it passed FDA which means it is considered a food.
Two quick pictures of how the actual substance looks like (left) and how it looks like when you add the water (right). For me it tasted better to just eat it right off the pouch than adding water.

Thank you and I will be back with better reviews.

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8/26/2011 07:54:31

I saw my friend taking a pack every day and she told me how beneficial this is in boosting up ur immune system. just wondering how it tastes like.. from what i saw from my friend's facial expression, the taste seemed not too great lol can somebody pls let me knowwww and i'll consider getting this. Thanks always, Jane

Tera hw
9/14/2011 14:45:55

This Hemohim+ is amazing. Ever since I've been taking this product, I feel like I have more control over my body. Now I don't get a cold quite often. Good

12/16/2011 02:58:08

i have a very serious skin reaction itching and rash what can i do

10/20/2012 17:52:58

If you have reactions, try after a few days. take little by little at first. Chances are that you will get better as your body adapts to it. If not, stop taking. I saw some people like that. hope this helped.

R. Sandy
1/18/2012 19:47:19

I love taking Hemohim everyday as natural supplement. If you are new to oriental taste/supplement, it could be a bit bitter. but I found that adding honey helps.

2/6/2013 02:59:41

my family doctor has patient, she is very sick, no doctor can tell her what is wrong until she took this supplement(she took other supplement before, not work). so i want to try this supplement, but have high blood, but can,t take mediation. can some one tell me,this one good for me

3/3/2013 23:08:06

What are your symptoms? HemoHIM is best known for boosting immune system and helps people who feel fatigue often. It probably won't help lower your blood pressure.

4/14/2013 21:12:58

My father suffering for Colon cancer and had involve to Liver now. Lucky the tumor in colon had gone. Now left liver. tell me more about this, how its help out liver cancer. My father drink One per day, and he had heart pain. Explain to me please.

5/31/2013 20:22:27

Everyone gets couple of thousands of cancer cells everyday. The reason why not everyone gets cancer is because our immune system kills the cancer cells. By boosting our immune system, it can effectively help your father fight against and prevent cancer cells from growing. You may want to look up NK cells or natural killer cells.

10/25/2013 16:04:40

I was diagnosed withESL (lupus) 20years ago and after the first 18 months of all the Steroids/Methotrixate/Plaquinal I took on manageing it myself. Things have changed in the last 12month and it is now not so ealy. I am taking Naltrexone - of which we are still working out the dose - with supplemants. Would I benefit from taking Hemohim plus.

4/18/2015 10:48:27

my friend who has been dealing with hemohim for 1.5 years told me that Hemohim is good for lupus patients because it improves blood count & energy & immune system. email irnaoei@gmail.com if you want samples.

Shirley Tan
7/22/2014 19:52:59

when is the best time to take HemoHIm?

June Pang
10/13/2014 15:53:51

Shirley Tan, I took every morning as part of the breakfast.

Charlie Smith
10/25/2014 15:12:29

Is this product good for HSV?

4/18/2015 10:52:06

i know someone who showed his picture when had suffered from very bad rashes looks like HSV. He showed pictures when he gave testimony but i didn't catch his desease name. He was healed after taking hemohim. Email irnaoei@gmail.com if you want samples or more info. I can also connect you to him.

6/2/2015 01:26:47

I am a pd dialysis patient. Can Hemohim help.

christina Li
6/29/2015 03:33:58

My mum is having stomach cancer just last week had an operation - can she take hemoHim

10/28/2015 07:24:42

will hemohim help diabete hi chorestrol n hbp?thk

Jacquline Jones
4/9/2016 10:39:41

Can it helps diabetes

Hedy Lee
3/11/2016 02:28:21

Any different between hemohim and hemohim plus?

Shery Lindsey
4/9/2016 15:11:50

Any question about hemohim please go to my website.

4/9/2016 10:41:40

Can it helps diabetes 1 am a diabetic

Sherry Lindsey
4/9/2016 15:25:23

This is my email address lindsey7@optonline.net

Sherry lindsey
4/9/2016 15:02:05

Yes it will help, but there is more information you need to. Pease reply on my email.

4/10/2016 10:13:16

Is this good for person who undergo dialysis?

5/25/2016 05:22:59

I would like to let my dad try who is suffering liver cancer, and he is a diabetes patient too. Can he drink this product?


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